Capcom gives the reason why it censored R Mika’s butt-slap

So finally Capcom came out with the reason why it censored R Mika’s butt-slap and it smells like social justice warriors wrapped up in a bullshit excuse. The kinds of people that would get morally righteous about a butt slap would never let themselves enjoy a game where you play as characters with as much skin showing as R. Mika to begin with. As with almost any other case of censorship I’ve seen over the years, it’s not going to get new customers but merely alienate previously existing customers.

originalThese people are pressuring Japanese developers to either not release their games in the west or otherwise sanitize them to the point where they feel like they have no personality. So please Capcom do tell me how the removal of the butt slap will increase Street Fighters sales? Do you think any person out there offended by the butt slap wouldn’t be offended by Mika as a whole, or Cammy and Laura? Self censorship is an idiotic concept. Stop catering to these morons Capcom, they are not going to buy your games anyway.

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One Response to Capcom gives the reason why it censored R Mika’s butt-slap

  1. Prophet says:

    That butt-slap can make someone pregnant! Artists always have to work against the common folk. At least we are past the point where we have to steal bodies, but of we all have to see, we all have to listen and we all must play everything on the plate. Godforbid if we do not and godforbid if it does not fit our palate. You must slot in here in category A which I have selected especially for you. What a farce…

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