Uncharted 4 accused of racism

The social justice warrior brigade is said and done some stupid things the past year, but this seriously takes the cake. But when I read stuff like this I just laugh and shake my head at their stupidity. Honestly, if you think a black actress should be hired specifically to do the voice acting of a black character, then either you don’t understand what voice acting fundamentally is or you have zero understanding on how the voice acting industry works. Here is a pro-tip for you social justice warriors, there is absolutely no need for the identity of the character being played to have any bearing on the identity of the voice actor cast, voice acting is not like live action physical acting.


Click on the image to read the Escapist interviewing Laura Bailey

And if you cannot grasp that fundamental aspect of voice acting then rather not make comments on a subject matter you clearly know nothing about. Another pro-tip morons these specific actors/actresses have proven themselves to be good at what they do, that is why they are chosen. Nobody cares about their genitals and skin colour. They are talented therefore they are reliable and people are hiring them based on their merit as voice actors. Laura Bailey has had over 318 voice acting roles. Screw the fact that she is a professional voice actor that has voiced over 10 videogames in 2015 alone and has 25 years of experience in multiple media formats.

Including but not limited to TV Series, Anime and Videogames. Merit, quality, experience who needs those right? Screw that, skin colour matters! White people have been voicing black characters for as long as voice acting has been a job. For example a little known fact Cleveland from Family guy is voiced by a white voice actor even though the character is black. Voices acting does not have a race, voices only have regions of origin. If you can emulate the accent/tone, you are in. So for the love of God please stop whining about nonsensical crap and give it a rest already! There are far more serious things going on in the world that needs to be talked about and this is not one of them.

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3 Responses to Uncharted 4 accused of racism

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  2. sondis says:

    Typical deflection of the issue in regards to whitewashing that black female character in uncharted 4.

    He’s missing the point of the backlash, coming from black people.

    Its not the fact that blacks and whites, sound the same or not ( which i completely disagree with him on by the way, black people do not sound like white people and vice versa, not the mention, the black female is from south Africa!! yet her accent sounds like a white woman from north America??? )

    Its about representation, diversity and work!

    How many black voice actors get jobs in video games or animated series? not very much, if not at all!

    How many black people, would like to hear ( someone that sounds like them ) and know ( a black person being credited for a black character in a video game ) Millions of black people would enjoy that fact and buy that video game for that very fact!

    However, the fact remains that video games, animated series and other media, isn’t reflective of the the society in which they represent.

    So the backlash isn’t solely about whether a black person and a white person sounds the same but a culmination of things. Diversity, representation, job opportunities for black people to voice a character, that resembles them in Race and culture. Whitewashing is rampant through out the movie,music,animated industry and it needs to stop.

    • larch says:

      I love how the term “whitewashing” gets thrown around . Certain people and entertainment media’s outrage over race swapping seems to be highly selective. When Iron Man 3 whitewashed the Mandarin I didn’t hear a single word from the media. And of course there is no complaining at all when characters like the Human Torch are race swapped. Not only is there no complaining but anyone against it was called a “flaming, vitriolic racist”. So clearly race swapping is perfectly fine in some cases (and if you disagree you’re a racist) but not fine in other cases (and if you disagree you’re a racist). What about Black washing of Iconic White characters like James West in Wild, Wild West, Robert Neville in I am Legend, Elijah Baley in the Bastardized version of I, Robot which was (Caves of Steel) in reality, And the newest version of Johnny Storm in the horrible remake of The Fantastic Four. So please take your faux outrage and hypocrisy and don’t let it hit you on the way out.

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