This just pisses me off…

This just pisses me off so fucking much. I was never really a fan of Geoff, but this made me respect him a bit more. Stepping out of his comfort zone and giving a big company like Konami the finger for the sake of his friend, Hideo. That took some balls. I imagine it was very uncomfortable for him. Kojima put out a really great final game in a very memorable franchise that help shape videogame history. In all likelihood he won’t ever be involved in the franchise ever again. For all we know, it will be a very long time before he puts out another game at all.

yGtyXhzIn my opinion he deserved to stand in front of the world and be cheered and receive the accolades of his fans and peers. This is absolute fucken bullshit that Konami robbed him of this, just out of some sort of vindictive bullshit. I mean what the fuck?! I also don’t understand what the hell kind of contract you could possibly have that would bar you from being able to go collect an award for your career-related accomplishments. Only thing I can imagine is that there is some clause that forbids him from representing Konami or Metal Gear Solid in public without their permission, while employed by them. I won’t be purchasing or supporting any Konami products in the near future.

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