I’m getting too old for this shit

9c93abc839Since Fallout 4’s release and my subsequent addiction to said game I have gone down deeper into the post apocalyptic world. Building my settlement, exploring and soaking up all the lore the game has to offer. The downside too all of this I have been spending more and more late nights in front of my PS4, now if it was a younger version of myself then it would not have been a problem in itself. But I am no spring chicken anymore and I am midway to the big 40, so when a spent a late night playing Fallout 4 and need to be up again at 4:30 the next morning for work I can definitely feel it.  I have dubbed it “Middel Aged Gaming Hangover“or “MAGH” for short. Coincidentally it is the same sound I make when my alarm clocks goes off after a late night gaming session. And as Roger Murtaugh said from Lethal Weapon: ” I am getting too old for this shit…”

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