The problem with Kickstarters

I have come to realize that Kickstarter is kind of the “worst” of both worlds. It’s not a shop, because there are no guarantees and you may well never get what you paid for. It’s not an investment platform because the most you can ever get back is the goods you have purchased in advance. People who think Kickstarter funding is an ‘investment’ in a product should not go near any Kickstarter projects. Investor’s trade risk for a possible return on their capital, Kickstarter is based on donations. And those donating will never see any return apart from the item that they have promised.

i-FKNNKxh-LWhile Kickstarter has a pretty good track record, this year alone we have seen some pretty high level Kickstarter projects fail. But then again their failure rate is pretty low if you look at something like Indigogo. Funding a Kickstarter is like having a ticket on a roller-coaster where you sit at the back with two people in the front, one with a weak bladder and one with a weak stomach. In the end it will be fun but you might be covered in crap by the end of it. Maybe something to consider when you want to fund a Kickstarter project, I have become very hesitant in funding anything these days due to high profile Kickstarters failing.

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