Debate: Is using an exploit cheating?

I notice lots of games have exploitable glitches these days, sometimes they’re game breaking, and sometimes they make games easier. For instance in Fallout 4’s case the infinite bottle caps glitch that allows you to generate an infinite amount money in the game, using a glitch. Do you guys exploit these types of glitches?  In fact, is exploiting glitches in games possibly the closet we will ever get with cheating in video games these days?
CapsGlitchI generally shy away from using glitches that make things too easy, in my opinion people who use glitches like infinite bottle caps in Fallout 4 are not really playing the game as it is designed to be played. If you’re circumventing the core game mechanics in a way that benefits you early on in the game then it’s cheating. And at some point exploits can compromise the game and this just isn’t a natural part of the games design. Opinions thought?

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One Response to Debate: Is using an exploit cheating?

  1. Cirsova says:

    Cheating in single player video games is like cheating in solitaire. Sometimes it’s fun to break things, but once you’ve done it a few times, you figure it’s more fun to NOT break the game. Now, if we’re playing King of Fighter’s 99 and you just happened to walk into Kensou’s endless fist maelstrom, it’s really not my fault if I don’t let you out of the combo!

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