Boogie takes Kotaku to task and it is glorious

I have been following Boogie since he first started his Youtube career, and he has been a pretty chilled dude. But if he tells you in one of his videos to go fuck yourself, then you certainly had it coming. But he pretty much hit the nail on the head with this video, Kotaku wasn’t providing anything worth publishing when they leaked that Fallout stuff. It was for the scoop and page-views and any pretension of “public interest” is bullshit.

Breaking a publisher’s embargo and leaking info about a game is not real journalism. It doesn’t serve the public or anyone but the one leaking info they were trusted with to get a few extra clicks. These people are the lowest kind of journalistic scum, Boogie. Willing to destroy and hurt anyone who doesn’t fall in line with their corrupt ideas. They need to be fired and ostracized from the industry, we as gamers and the industry don’t need them.

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