Why the fuss about the Star Wars Battlefront season pass?

I can’t say speak for Battlefront, but I really felt like I got my money’s worth for Battlefield 3/4 season pass. So hopefully the same will apply for Battlefront, in Battlefield I was getting content that kept the player base large and the game fresh for more than a year which justified the amount I spent on the season pass. And it being the same development team I hope the same applies to Star Wars Battlefront. Dice so far haven’t disappointed me in regards to releasing complete games and only charges for actual extra content.

In a time where many games are shipped incomplete, I feel like they deliver every-time. The game as it is, is extremely fun and you can see where your money is going in the production values alone. If you don’t want to pay full price for a season pass then wait for the price to drop and buy what you want from it or just wait until the whole damn bundle goes on sale. Gamers up in arms over this shit are ridiculous. Battlefield has been doing this shit for years!

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