Where has my single player FPS experience gone?

I am a purely story driven gamer, I prefer my single player experience over a multiplayer one. I love engaging narratives and stories in my video games. Having said that I have been really disappointed in the quality of the recent campaigns in FPS games. The last FPS campaigns that I really enjoyed was probably Farcry 4 and before that Wolfenstein. Shooters with no campaigns or narrative are empty and hollow inside. And I find that I am enjoying these type of game less and less these days.

half-life-2-episode-2-artAnd it is really sad to see them getting abandoned more and more. I grew up in a time where online multiplayer was partly non-existent, now don’t get me wrong. I don’t have a problem with development teams focusing on their strengths, with limited resources in mind, rather than waste resources on an uninspired half-hearted attempt at a single player game. But come to think of, linear story driven games are pretty rare nowadays. Everything is usually open world or multiplayer-oriented….

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