Kotaku, you weren’t blacklisted for speaking ‘the truth’

There is nothing “journalistic” about leaking documents fed to you, especially if you cannot verify the source or the authenticity. Just leaking information for the hell of it doesn’t help anyone but themselves for page views, especially if they don’t make it clear its unsubstantiated information. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have a problem with them leaking the information. What I do have a problem with is their complaints of being blacklisted by Bethesda and Ubisoft, they were in the wrong by leaking the information. The entire article is fluff piece, essentially saying: “Hey, look at us, we are the good guys for leaking all this information and the big bad publishers blacklisted us for doing so.”  Kotaku boldly claims to not owe anything to publishers like Bethesda and Ubisoft. Well, it’s a two way street Kotaku.

EthicsThe publishers don’t need your unethical journalism, how many times has their “reporters” have been busted for promoting their friends/roommates/business partner’s games without proper disclosure. And here Kotaku claim to be the bastion of good ethical reporting, it is laughable. Kotaku is claiming they are being blacklisted because of journalism, and the price to pay for being one. Which is so far removed from the truth it is not even funny. I am not entirely sure the gaming public needed to know the setting of Fallout 4, because all it really did was ruin a reveal. In the end, they published it for views, much like they do with every single half-baked article they published calling it “journalism”.

article_post_width_Interstellar-cryingThey weren’t ready to reveal the game because the gaming community overreacts to things. Everything the publisher did is well within their right, just like Kotaku. But only Kotaku is trying to play victim here. I am not sure that leaking the development of games is something you should be so proud of. Kotaku only focuses on telling the truth when it will benefit them. Why have they waited 2 years to share this? Because they finally realized a company has choices and is not going to take you off the blacklist so this is your last ditch effort. The publishers/developers don’t need Kotaku. And as you’re starting to see, publishers and developers are going directly to the gamers because they simply don’t need this traditional media bullshit anymore.

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