Why I am okay with Fallout 4 being full of bugs

I am about 20 hours into Fallout 4 and for the most part I have not encountered any game breaking bugs yet. Though I have experienced various other bugs including flying enemies, Dogmeat disappearing into objects and running into inanimate objects and getting killed instantly. But this hasn’t really hampered my experience and enjoyment of the game so far. I am much more willing to forgive bugs in something like Fallout, which comes out every 5 years, compared to something like Assassins Creed, which is released on a yearly basis. My opinion is that if a game is going to come out every single year with very few or little improvements, then it had better be nearly bug free.

screenshot-265Another factor is that many of the bugs in Fallout usually aren’t particularly game breaking. For the most part, the games Bethesda release are still playable. That certainly doesn’t excuse game breaking bugs, nor should they be released in that condition, but so long as you are actually able to get through the game with minimal issues, it’s not a huge deal breaker for me. The reason why most gamers are ignoring bugs in Bethesda games is because they are so massive. Missing a bug in a 400 hour game versus a 40 hour game like Assassins Creed: Syndicate is a much more forgivable offence to me anyway. While the gaming community can be a bit self-centred at times I do understand the complexities of creating an open world game the size of Fallout.

Fallout-4-Gets-New-Gameplay-Videos-Stellar-Screenshots-484350-14I know for a fact they have been working on this game for at least 5 years. When producing an impressively large, enthralling, addictive game like Fallout 4 in that time is quite the feat in game development terms. Having to deal with a visual bug are just part of the experience for fans of the franchise. Having said that I think people need to consider the actual engine and coding aspect of Fallout 4 as well. The first game breaking bug was discovered only a day ago. That is 6 days after the games launch. This is easily the least buggy Bethesda game I have ever played. Skyrim was riddled with problems. 

11Bethesda games depend heavily on scripted events. This means that the game will run differently, and gamers will experience different bugs and glitches, based on their setup. These bugs are not intentional, nor are they the result of lazy or incompetent developers. The scope is simply too large for a small team to cover. That’s why the modding community, with its hundreds of thousands of play testers and thousands of willing mod creators, do a much better job of fixing/patching the game. Just something to consider…

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3 Responses to Why I am okay with Fallout 4 being full of bugs

  1. JMS says:

    The only bugs I have encountered so far have been AI pathfinding bugs and the occasional weird animation. Only one crash so far, but that is with 60+ hours of gameplay, so that can certainly be forgiven.

  2. Prophet says:

    I would not trust a bethesda game without bugs, the weir ones. It would be like having to drink coke that’s pink.

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