Meet “Linkle” the female version of Link from Legend of Zelda

I rather like the fact that the social justice warriors are hesitant to accept Linkle’s design until a full committee of mouthpieces agree upon what the group as a whole should feel, talk about a complete circus. While I am in two minds about the name I have a couple of questions: Is she a normal Hylian who was maybe inspired by one of the many Hero Links? Is she a completely new Hero Link who happens to be female this time?

HVNawoZIs she a female version of an already existing Hero Link (Hero of Hyrule, Hero of Skies, Hero of Legend, etc). Or was she just created to pander to people like Anita Sarkeesian? If so then it is clumsy, lazy and exceedingly pandering to a vocal minority and Nintendo should feel ashamed of themselves for creating her just for that purpose. As far as design goes she looks pretty good, at least they got that right.

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  1. Cirsova says:

    I think I would’ve liked her better if she had one crossbow and wore a quiver for her bolts. At face value, though, I already probably like her better than Ocarina of Time era Link.

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