Isis never used Playstation 4 to plan Paris attacks

It is funny how one minor bit of bad reporting leads to a lot of bad reporting. I am pretty sure at least half of the other websites which reported and used the article on Forbes knew about the mistake, but reported it anyway for an extra few page views. No fucken way can you tell me that not one single journalist, noticed the mistake and followed up on the story. Having said that can there really be that many bad journalists out there today?  I guess it is because what passes for reporting these days doesn’t involve investigation or interviewing key figures in a story.

I was always under the impression that Super Mario Maker was a  Nintendo exclusive...

I was always under the impression that Super Mario Maker was a Nintendo exclusive…

Now reporting involves reading a news article and paraphrasing it. Why fact check when you can scapegoat the game industry again? It makes for excellent clickbait and traffic to your website. The media is more interested in being the first with a front page update, fact checking comes second. Media and journalists today are a joke and, they are an embarrassment and disgrace to the profession. In my opinion video game journalism has been dead for at least 15 years. It’s all speculation, rumour, innuendo and anonymous sources. Shit like this is the reason why I support #Gamergate.

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