R Mika’s butt-slap get’s censored in Streetfighter V

The people demanding these types of changes hijacks major gaming forums, gaming news websites and ban any counterarguments or disagreements with their position on Twitter. Look at how they attack Japanese games with fan service in general, they are interested only in the appearance that everyone agrees with them and “punishing” companies who dare to create content they dislike.

Ktn6GvQHaving said that it is only the western released the is being censored. It is not Capcom caving to anyone’s need for R.Mika “fap material.” It is Capcom caving to a very loud culture of prudish politics pushed as moral imperative. And let’s be honest here no gamer will ever “fap”to R.Mika slapping her butt. I really hope those who push a certain ideology are happy they’re getting games censored in places they previously weren’t.

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