Variety: Get’s it all wrong about the Fallout franchise

Dear Variety, you have been able to play as a female character in Fallout forever. Please learn some videogames and do some research before posting an article and claiming it as fact. To Variety it is not about telling the truth, it’s about producing a product (a story) that consumers will “buy” it (by clicking.) And what you get is called  “click bait”.


You were able to play a female character in the series since the start…

Variety, who have a history of loving to tell these types of stories if true or not. They have a certain “perspective”, and they tailor to it because their audience likes it and read these fairy tails. It’s bad research + the narrative that other people want to push on the none gaming community, and it is shit like this that misrepresents the gaming industry and gamer’s as a whole.

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