Zoe Quinn memoir to get made into a movie

So because she slept with a couple of tech writers for good reviews of her game lie cheated and abused her way into the gaming industry, but because some people called her out on her bullshit on the internet she deserves a movie? For what? No matter how biased the movie is going to be this woman’s lies will be shown to be just that, lies. That’s the problem with lying in public/internet is it increases the scrutiny it brings, and the truth always comes out in the end. Having said that, I am not surprised in the least though that someone in Hollywood wanted to make a Gamergate movie. It was inevitable I expected it to happen a lot sooner than this. In all honesty I hope this movie gets made.

This comment is so true, it makes me weep for humanity.

This comment is so true, it makes me weep for humanity.

It will become a cult classic for those fighting political correctness and the social justice warriors. My question is, who is going to invest in a movie about an incredibly minor internet celebrity? I mean even Anita Sarkeesian, who has ten times Zoe Quinn reach herself wouldn’t have enough draw for a successful movie I am expecting that this will actually help Gamergate, because the Law and Order episode was obviously bullshit. Remember that they said the episode will be great and will kill Gamergate. We all know how that turned out.  I would highly recommend watching “AlphaOmegaSin’s” video on the movie for all the truth bombs he drops in it.

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