Could we please stop bitching about Fallout 4’s graphics?

The gaming community has disappointed me numerous times before, but not as much as in last couple of months with the shameless and unnecessary attacks on Fallout 4 and Bethesda. Stop being so goddamn shallow people! And worry more about the games gameplay elements and story, than the goddamn graphical limitations. Some of the best games have withstood the test of time despite their aged graphics. What looks amazing today will age because that is the nature of video games.

hNaoYZ8If a game was playable and entertaining and had a good story then it will be remembered. Games are not remembered years down the line for merely looking good, that is pretty much fact if you look at games that are in the “hall of fame” for video games. It is insane that so many gamer’s seem only worried about graphical fidelity as if that’s all it takes to make a great video game. I don’t care about graphics, textures or frames per second or whatever the fuck makes a game look good. If Fallout 4 looked EXACTLY the same as New Vegas, I would care less. Fallout 4 is going to be a GREAT experience.

62793753You will be getting a world is twice as large as the Skyrim map and also double the base content. Not including DLC. The supreme irony is the very same people who have been bitching and complaining about the game will rush to the shop on release day, buy a copy and then brag about how they knew it would be great. I cannot wait to enjoy Fallout 4, and while all these people piss and moan over whether a dog’s hair is rendered realistically or not. I will be enjoying the hell out of the game, seriously people get a fucken life, video games are not just about graphical fidelity

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  1. Karl Weller says:

    Fallout has never been a particularly beautiful looking series, which it’s not supposed to be. So I’m a little surprised by the criticism?

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