Competition winners!

Hi guys sorry for the delay in announcing the winners only got a working internet connection yesterday and I moved over the weekend so things where a bit hectic on my side. So without further delay here are the winners of both the The Order 1886 and inFAMOUS First Light for PS4. Can I have a drum roll please! Congratulations to Richard Scott (Cold Cat) for winning inFAMOUS First Light. With the correct answer to the question: “What cover song of a popular 90’s grunge band (Looking for the band name and song title) was used in the ending credits of Infamous: Second Son.”

A-winner-is-you-800x600The answer was: Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box. Also congratulations to Ingrid Bure (furiouskitty) for guessing the correct time it took me to finish The Order 1886, this was a tough one as there were plenty of people who guessed the correct time so I had to pull one a winner from a hat so to speak. The amount of time it took me to complete the game was 7 hours and 30 minutes. Congratulations to both winners, I will be in contact shortly regarding the shipping of your prices to your doors.

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