What Pewdiepie is getting wrong about YouTube Red

1496111703168435347Pewdiepie misses some very fundamental things when he was talking about YouTube’s new service called Youtube Red, such as that plenty of the ads that gets shown on YouTube do not serve any productive purpose other than YouTube being able to say that they showed the ad to someone. I am not going to fly to Russia to buy some food supplement just because YouTube shows me a commercial. So showing me the ad provides no benefit to the company who bought it. It is just YouTube ripping off both me and the buyer of the ad space. Why pay lip service to a system that doesn’t work? Cut out the middle man, make Budweiser or Penis Pills R Us find another way to sell their shit. Below is a few key points that Pewdiepie bought up that I don’t agree with:

# YouTube Red exist largely as an effort to counter Adblock.

Pewdiepie if you have not noticed Adblock is free, Youtube Red is 10$ a month in subscription fees. So Youtube Red is already at a disadvantage, so people will continue to use Adblock it is simple economics.

# Using Adblock doesn’t mean you’re clever and above the system.

Pewdiepie you are losing about what? 40% revenue on your videos if people use Adblock. And yet you still manage to make 10 million a year. It must be so devastating (/sarcasm). Really Pewdiepie, going to insult AdBlock users? Doesn’t help your argument at all. We get our YouTube without the annoying ads, and you don’t get paid. I think we win, and you are upset because you are losing. Not like you need more money anyways.

# YouTube Red exist because using Adblock has actual consequences.

Why pay $10 a month, when I can get it for free with AdBlock. I will stop using AdBlock when sites stop using obnoxious ads. Yesterday I watch a video on GameTrailers without AdBlock turned on and watched a 3 minute commercial on some food supplements to watch a minute and a half trailer. I feel zero shame and zero guilt and feel absolutely nothing for people like Pewdiepie when using AdBlock on sites like YouTube. In closing I think unless you’re Markaplier or Pewdepie you don’t actually make much money on ad revenue on YouTube. That’s why you see a lot of channels get sponsorship deals. Or why a lot of people on YouTube use patreon, and I think Pwedepie knows this and knows that people using AdBlock eats into his bottom line and that annoys him.

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2 Responses to What Pewdiepie is getting wrong about YouTube Red

  1. Pewdiepie is the poster boy for Youtube Red as he’s their supposed ace in the hole. More than likely he didn’t make this video of his own accord but has youtube backing him for this project. I honestly hate the whole youtube Red concept as it defeats the whole original purpose of youtube as a free video sharing website, unfortunately greed always rears its ugly head. Youtube Red will live or die based on probably how well Pewdiepie’s content does, so I hope his fans can put an end to this greedy project.

  2. Theo Lübbe says:

    Ads on YT, when they work as intended and aren’t the full-screen pre-play type, can be ‘okay’. I let tracking do its thing in the background since I do consequently occasionally get notified of something which is actually pertinent to my online-shopping interests, but unless I’m viewing a video on a low-hitcount channel on YouTube which I actually want to support the creators of I keep ABP up on the site.

    It’s possible to create custom exclusion lists in ABP so you can have it disabled on some channels and not on others.

    From a technical standpoint though, Youtube Red does, in a very abstract way, provide a means for publishers to ‘deal with ad-blockers’. At least, it would if it wouldn’t be so easy to circumvent.

    They can put their ‘premium, subscription-only’ content onto Red while their ‘free, we-don’t-make-money-if-you-block-our-ads-but-you’re-going-to-anyway-so-whatever’ content can remain on the regular Youtube.

    I’d say a better approach would be to go the Crunchyroll or similar route. Premium users can access the media when it releases; they’ve paid for that privilege (creator gets revenue). Non-premium users need to either go through the trouble of downloading it elsewhere (creator gets no revenue), wait for it to be released on the free side with ads blocked (creator gets no revenue) or wait for it to be released and watch it with ads running (creator gets revenue).

    I personally am more than happy to just wait for stuff to be available on the free Crunchyroll model. I’m similarly more than happy to wait for Southpark episodes to be available for free on their own site. If I had the money to I *might’ve* been inclined to pay for either’s premium subscriptions. Otherwise, if I feel like supporting the publishers, I just disable the ads and let them do their thing.

    PewDiePie, Markiplier or JonTron though? Nah. Ads are blocked, videos are disliked. (I do not make a point of going to their channels to do this, but if someone somewhere links one of their videos I am going to use that referral link as a click-source and downvote it to add my drop to the bucket of dissent).

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