More rampant Facebook stupidity…

Seriously this is not the first time I encountered this brand of stupidity on Facebook, and it most certainly does not seem to be the last time unfortunately. I encountered this “jewel” of a comment this morning in my news feed which had me planting my face strait into my desk. Seems history is not very high up in subject list being tough at school these days. Dear ignorant Facebook user: “African-American” is used to define black people who are either descended from former slaves or whose families have roots in either the Caribbean or West Africa, were most of the slaves were captured before they were sent to America.

FB StupidityCountries like Nigerian, Kenyan, Bahamian, Haitian, Dominican, etc. Their direct descendants born in America are usually referred to as Nigerian-American, Bahamian-American, Haitian-American, etc. rather than the less specific African-American. Also how the fuck is calling yourself African-American stealing our African heritage? What giant leap of logic did you make to come to that conclusion? Having said that the term “African-American” is controversial and highly debatable term, especially in the states. But it does not change the fact that they have roots in our African past, so they can call themselves both Africans and Americans if they so wish.

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