About #FeesMustFall

16 years ago, when I was a student, my parents were unable to afford paying for my tuition. Back then tuition fees were rather expensive as well. But I never considered protesting, instead, I found myself two part time jobs to pay for everything, including a car and a place to stay. Paid half of my student loans this way, was tired as a dog but it had to be done. I now have a dream job a stay in a nice house and I can generally afford a luxury or two each month. I am a firm believer that education is an economic good, to be paid for like food, water ect. Using words like ‘right’ and ‘privilege’ are nonsensical in this context.

690x400There is no such thing as getting something for ‘free’. Someone, somewhere will have had to earn and work for what someone else gets for ‘free’. The lecturers, infrastructure, maintenance, study materials all these costs money and somewhere someone has to pay for these. I also think it quite ironic that these protesters are running around with the latest smart phones/tablets, clothes bought on Edgers accounts. Then they then have the audacity to moan about a 10% increase in fees, and call you privileged. This mentality of “Its owed to me” it has no positive spin off for anyone South African youth these days look more and more like spoilt brats.

11218818_10153236906813295_1531482037498615818_nRegarding the protests and the violence: How is making a university ungovernable going to help the cause in any way when it is in fact government policy that is the issue here. The students who have paid this year’s fees are being denied their right to attend classes, private property is being vandalized and people are being attacked for trying to enter the university. They should be expelled from the respective universities, I am all for the protest, but you lost me when the first report of vandalism and violence started coming through. When violence and vandalism is the order of the day then your movement has no leg to stand on… 

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  2. I couldn’t agree more. Such a pathetic mentality.

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