What’s wrong with pre-ordering?

I have heard/read plenty of comments regarding pre-ordering games recently. Stating that if you are pre-order a game you are basically paying for a product that’s not yet finished and might be released broken or filled with bugs. We get broken buggy games that had a hard release date with pre-orders. We also get broken buggy games that were delayed, despite the high level of pre-orders it might or might not have had. The notion that publishers are motivated to kick the game out the door, broken buggy or not, because of the pre-orders, is absurd and borders on conspiracy theorist level bullshit. If you take a minute to think about it, it is not even fucking logical if you are trying to be a long standing game development company.


I bought Fallout: New Vegas because Fallout 3 was amazing. I bought Fallout 2 because Fallout 1 amazing, every Fallout game has been a load of fun for me. Hint hint it means I am more likely to pre-order Fallout 4, because: A: The company has a good track record of delivering great games. B: It is a franchise I enjoy immensely and I know I will enjoy any future titles they might create, so with certain franchises and games it will be a given that I pre-order early. And if I change my mind (as I have done in the past), I can just cancel it. Crazy, right?  I pre-order games that I have a reasonable expectation from preview materials will be good, or is in a genre of game that I know I will generally get some enjoyment from even if it doesn’t turn out to be the best game out there.

mdw45It really just boils down to using your common sense. Some game series you know you like and have a good expectation that they won’t disappoint. Others can be a much bigger risk. I am still surprised about the hate over pre-orders. A few years ago, people were clamouring for companies to give them an option to pre-order their games. And now the very same people are complaining that pre-orders are “supposedly “the cause of buggy unfinished games. TLDR; Games today are significantly more complex and advanced than they were even just 5 years ago. So some games are going to be un-finished and some will have bugs, whether or not you pre-ordered it or not will not change that fact.

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  1. The only game that I’ve pre-ordered so far is State of Decay on Xbox One: Year One Edition, and that’s because I had previously played it on Xbox 360, so I pretty much exactly knew what I was getting and not buying it sight unseen.

    I’m a little undecided on the pre-order thing but I’ve really gotten into the habit of waiting around for a while until the price has gone down and maybe waiting for the ‘Game of the Year’ edition or Deluxe or whatever and also checking out reviews and streams online until making a decision on whether I’d like to purchase.

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