VG247 Journalist mistakes Uncharted 2 for Uncharted 4

mGm5FELIt seems extremely suspect that an “Uncharted Veteran” as the article writer calls himself could not distinguish between Uncharted 4’s graphics and gameplay versus that of Uncharted 2. If the article writer even remotely played any of the games he would have noticed it straight away. Which leads me to believe he did not touch a single game in the franchise before writing said article, he also did zero research in regards to the game or he would have picked up on his mistake right away. Throughout the piece, there are criticisms about the game being “too formulaic” and overly similar to the previous games. The amount of irony in his review is just mind numbing. Luckily the internet never forgets so here is an archived version of the article before it was removed from their webpage.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

2gXgLh9So at a glance looking at above images of both Uncharted 2 and 4, it is clear that even by graphics alone it would be hard to mistake or even confuse both games with each other. Video gaming journalism isn’t the most trustworthy of professions these days, even more so when most writers proclaim to be experts in their field of videogame journalism. And VG247 demonstrates this perfectly, and solidifies Gamergate’s position of ethics in videogames perfectly. These game journalists are the people who have so much power in the gaming industry. Their opinions carry the weight to dictate purchasing decisions and force developers and publishers alike to pander to their whims to ensure their game gets the online coverage it needs. And this is the level of videogame journalism they grace us with?

giphyHonestly, this gives the impression that videogame journalists are clueless. (We already know most of them are, but this just further cements that opinion.) Also if the editors over at VG247 where doing their jobs they should have noticed this massive fuckup fairly quickly which shows a lack of care and negligence on their part. As a professional videogame journalist you should always know what game you are actually reviewing or writing about and double check. Needs to be submitted? Then check the fucken article again. It has to be said it was commendable that Martin and the rest of the team at VG247 have owned up to their mistake and have apologized for misrepresenting the upcoming game.

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