The boys are back!


The Chris Evans Top Gear will be a gigantic failure of note, we all know it. Because simply put we have all grown to love Top Gear, with Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. No way that anyone will replace the dynamic that those three had, we didn’t watch it for the the name or the channel, it was always because of Clarkson, May, and Hammond. It is going to be cringe watching Evans, as his gonna be trying so hard to live up to the 3 ex presenters, making it interesting & funny, whilst having huge pressure from the BBC in terms of ratings.

Personally I think the new show is going to be great, no more pandering to the conservatives and the BBC. BBC rules? Where we’re going we don’t need BBC rules. Make fun of truckers, punch a producer, no holds bars show. If you never watched Top Gear because of Clarkson, then you are missing the whole point to begin with. It is a comedy show seasoned with fast cars, if you get offended easily then go to church. Having said that does anyone else find Hamster’s goatee… disturbing? I am all for facial hair, but it just looks wrong. Maybe I am just used to him being fresh-faced.

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