Infamous First Light [Review]

So I recently started playing Infamous First Light, and it is exactly what I wanted out of a standalone DLC game and more giving us a good look into Fetch’s past. And giving us some great and much needed character development. All the characters are great I would even go as far as to say the story is even better than that of Second Sons. The gameplay is well fleshed out. While not being as intense as Second Son’s it still holds that really fun fast paced-ness of the Infamous franchise.

infamous-first-light-release-date-confirmedjb5nWhich is good when you consider Fetch’s power is limited to only Neon.  While not everyone’s cup of tea the arena is a great addition to the game and adds a lot of playtime and allowing to test your skills in an arena based environment.  All in all a fantastic game, differing in so many ways to Second Son but also providing the great core game and visuals. Only downside is that it is so damn short! Highly recommended if you want more Infamous.

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