Single player games are alive and well

After being a gamer for almost 25 years I still prefer a single player experience above that of a multiplayer one. Reason being the game will have a story and a specific structure every time. I can play the game on my own time, my own pace and the way I want to. And it does not depend the attendance of others. Also my experience will not depend on other people’s performance. It will not depend on their behavior, their requirements of me, or internet access or how much time I have to spend playing.

the_last_of_us__cover_fire_by_wieldsthekey-d6ez0h3And a million more dependencies you do not get with playing single player games.  I am only interested in games that are fully focused in engaging me 100%. That means the entire game is designed from the ground up to engage 1 player, and really make the experience enjoyable for whoever is playing. I have learned my lesson the hard way, never again will I spend money on a multiplayer game. Regardless of how fun the more socially inclined gamers think multiplayer is, I just don’t care about multiplayer anymore.

the-walking-dead-video-game-season-finaleThere is a place for multiplayer in gaming but it should not dominate the overall single player experience. It however concern me when publishers like Electronic Arts go out of their way to make a crappy single player game and attached it as an afterthought. I can’t even list all the games with multiplayer that I have never even touched. It is nice that it’s there, but would rather not have the developers shoehorn it into franchises in which it does not belong.

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