Media hypocrisy and how they cover mass shootings

In just minutes, CNN goes from showing the wishes of the Oregon sheriff/community to not release the shooter’s name. Then mere minutes after that releasing the shooter’s name, to reading a post he made in which he says, “[It] seems the more people you kill, the more you’re in the limelight.” Really CNN? What the fuck?! Stop giving these assholes who shoot up schools and public places their 5 minutes of fame. Seriously stop it. Don’t even talk about these people. Don’t plaster his name and face everywhere, don’t glorify him or give him this attention.

Don’t encourage future shooters by promising them the same level of fame and attention. Instead, encourage them to talk about the victims, the school, the families, everything but what the shooter wanted. Don’t make the story about him.  If shooters like this are getting off on the attention, maybe we should stop giving it to them? Shame on you CNN/Gawker for not only naming the shooter but writing a long expose on him. Focus on the victims. Focus on not sensationalizing murder. You (the media) are becoming part of the fucken problem…

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