“Cyber Violence” report removed from UN’s site

So it seems the much touted report by the UN that puts online abuse at the same level as physical abuse has vanished from the UN’s website. I accidentally deleted the copy of the report I downloaded. So I went to their site to get it. It’s no longer listed there. The press release says the full report can be downloaded from this page, but there is no link to the report there anymore. It has vanished into thin air. The only reason I can see why they pulled it must have been because of all the negative attention it has been getting, due to it being poorly written and badly researched.

OTfbWcSPeople in #Gamergate provided both very useful analysis and signal boost even before the criticism in other media took off. All I can say is good work guys! Anyone who thinks anything the United Nations talks about has real ramifications hasn’t been watching the UN’s track record of useless, indecision, and general insignificance in the last decade. We’re talking about an organization whose own people are put on trial for raping woman and children in the countries they are supposed to protect. Hopefully Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn have learned that, not everyone will eat the bullshit they like to serve to the media while preaching from their social media soap boxes.

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