Your favourite videogame voice actors may go on strike


If things don’t change in interactive media industry soon, our videogames might just start sounding very different. Right now, video game voice actors are voting in a general ballot with SAG-AFTRA, the actors union that covers TV and Film, on the issue of a strike in the field of voice acting in videogames. Currently the #PerformanceMatters hashtag on twitter is trending, with both fans showing support and voice actors talking about their work in the industry.

Actors like William Salyers from Mass Effect 3, Grey Griffin from Batman: Arkham Knight, Erin Fitzgerald from World of Warcraft and David Hayter  from Metal Gear Solid, have shown support for the strike. Voice work is a huge part of the modern games industry and the hard work of these voice actors should be compensated fairly. Publishers are well known for taking advantage of performers. All the power to voice actors. A good voice performance in a videogame can make a huge difference between mediocre and exceptional.

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