What the fuck people seriously!?

I cannot express my fucken disappointment in humanity, seriously if a mass extinction event where to happen nothing of any value would be lost. In response to the Ahmed Mohamed scandal this week, in which a 14-year old was detained by police in Texas because teachers mistook a homemade clock for a bomb, Stephen Amell of Arrow fame Tweeted the following:


2 days ago Stephen Amell gave over 200k with stardust to charity after taking part in Wrestle Mania’s Summer Slam event. But one tweet with no malicious intent and now he is being targeted by a internet hate mob who did not understand or grasp what he was trying to say. You know what? Fuck you internet hate mob, and fuck the self serving internet social justice horse you rode in on.


Like Amell said, people who are “outraged” are just bored and have nothing better to do or have too much time on their hands. As if your lashing out on someone like Amell makes you so important and innocent, he has done more for Cancer with his “Fuck Cancer” shirt charity. Stop being  so self-righteous you fucken hypocrites. And he was dead on the money with his Tweets, two wrongs do not make a right.

I get the stigma that Muslims are experiencing right now. His tweets weren’t comparing the two or even defending what happened. This is about being the better person. When people demonize a state of people, that makes that person no better than the other side. It is about the mindset. And let’s be honest, there are people who will demonize the entire state of people, to not think otherwise is downright delusional.

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