South Parks season 19 premiere hits all the right notes

Can I just say the South Parks season 19 premiere is a true return to form for the series. It was smart, funny, and right on point. We are currently living in the age of over sensitivity, were even making a tongue in cheek joke on social media websites can have serious repercussions. How many times have I logged onto the internet and visited my favorite website only to hear that “this is racist” or “this is sexist”? Now don’t get me wrong , there are cases of racism and sexism on the internet. However in some peoples social justice crusade they have build overly aggressive stonewalling arguments into their ideals. 

south-park-s19e01c03-you-pc-bro_16x9You cannot even have a opinion on something or someone on the internet anymore without being destroyed by a army of incredibly angry internet users. In the season premier of South Park Kyle never criticized Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation, he simply stated he never cared about the person before or after. But the backlash he got from that statement is pretty indicative of our society’s way of reacting to any form of open thought or criticism. Kyle didn’t learn a lesson when he got beaten up. He only realized  that conformity is easier than having an opinion that differs from everyone else. 

1901-Promo01_blogAnd that is where the episode hit the nail right on the head! And I will just bold the following statement for added effect: Shaming people into having the same opinion as you is not a win for your side or any body’s side. It is a sad reality that is becoming more and more prevalent, especially on social media websites. People and especially the Social Justice Warrior brigade need to learn and open their minds in a logical and progressive manner. And maybe just maybe then we can return to open, and calm debate.

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