Dear Miss X

You got to love Facebook, it has to habit of always attracting the lowest common denominator to comment on current or world events. Be it racists, homophobes or people who are just downright ignorant. So you would ask why are you even surprised? Well I took a sabbatical from Facebook for almost a year, and when I re-activated my account I was greeted with a flood of pure stupidity it almost melted my eye balls right out of my skull. This has intensified even more so with the current refugee problem in Europe, with every second person on the news feed having someone ignorant voice their opinion. Till I read this gem and decided no more, if you want to make stupid comments on Facebook then you need to be called out for them.

StupidNow the troll in me wanted to name and shame this ignorant bigot, but then I would be no better than this person, so instead I will address her indirectly. Dear Miss X, judging from your Facebook profile you have had it pretty good so far. Unlike some of the refugees fleeing their own country, I doubt you understand what it is like to flee your own country. The very same countries dictators who are trying to kill you while dogging bombs from the west, all the while having to deal with famine, sickness and bad living conditions. Would you no walk hundreds of miles with your family to try and escape this and look for a better life? So for the love of God please when you open your mouth next time, think before writing something on Facebook I know it is hard but try it next time.

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