Bethesda announces DLC early gamers lose their shit

Why are some people so shocked about this? Seriously in this day and age expecting a AAA title like Fallout 4  not to have DLC released, is like walking into a strip joint and being shocked to find topless woman everywhere. Only difference is that Bethesda decided to announce it earlier instead of later. And I seriously don’t see anything wrong with the way they went about announcing it. I don’t like DLC on day one but what the hell is wrong with making plans for it in the future and telling us about it?  If the DLC they are planning for Fallout 4 is anything like the DLC from Fallout 3 and New Vegas, they add hours of new content for a very reasonable price.

best_of_the_simpsons_17From a business perspective, having a plan to support a game post launch is crucial for allocating resources. This isn’t 2007 where post launch DLC was something developers pulled out of their ass because a game is doing well. And like I stated earlier Bethesda has rarely short changed gamers on DLC. The only question you would have to ask  yourself is if it’s worth it for you to get it all now for a higher price or wait until the GOTY version to hit before investing in the game. So seriously stop bitching people, Bethesda is one of the good guys here…

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