Where does Forbes get their videogame contributors?

When I read articles like these, by people claiming to be videogamers and videogame journalists for major publications like Forbes I just shake my head. Dave Thier did you even attempt to finish playing Metal Gear Solid 5 before writing this article? This is probably the worst article I have ever seen on the Forbes, and that is saying a lot. I am even unsure on the point the article is attempting to make, is “Quite” a badly written character? Or is she a sexist representation of woman or both? Personally I don’t care about her state of dress or how sexual people might or might not find her. What I do care about is her character and the role she plays in the game. The most worrying thing about this article, is that Dave Thier only looked at her physical aspects.

MGS5-e1378462186804And blatantly ignored or maybe forgot everything else that makes her such an amazing character. For instance how she is was able to snipe a pilot in a moving jet from a helicopter using pure skill. Or how she can teleport herself across the battle field when she is defending Big Boss, not to mention she uses eye contact and body language to communicate without saying a single word. To such an extent that even you as the player can understand what she is “saying” in the game. So Dave Thier? When during the course of the article did you get behind the reasoning behind her character being dressed as she is? Or even her not talking? Or her backstory before becoming Quiet, the sniper? This is a awful piece of  videogame journalism with no substance at all.

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  1. Honestly I reckon guys like Thier are hired to raise controversy because they know how to infuriate gamers just to get traffic. All publicity is good publicity

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