Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at “Let’s Play”culture


As you can guess by the title of this article, Kimmel’s “joke” didn’t go over so well with the online video gaming community and its millions of fans. The Youtube clip boasts the title of the most disliked video on the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel. With over 63,000 thumbs down and only 5,300 thumbs up. Granted, Kimmel has the right to take a jab at any culture, group, or topic he pleases. Freedom of speech does give him that right. But maybe he might want to take a lesson from fellow late-night host James Corden about how to approach YouTube culture.

While I am fully aware that the video he posted was poking fun at the let’s play culture, it is a rather ignorant point of view to only show the worst of the comments. If he really meant what he said about being open to experiencing what the let’s play culture is all about, and it was not just a setup for his “Go outside” outro. Then I am sure a few high level gamers on Youtube would be happy to have him tag along and show him the ropes. Matthew Patrick of The Game Theorists, has already taken Kimmel up on his offer and invited the host over to show him what he’s missing:


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