Gawker is having a “good”month

I love the Harry Potter series. The books were amazingly well written. The books have had such a positive impact on pop culture today. They have great positive messages and political undertones that I believe can be used to explain many real life situations, like racism and discrimination. But when I read things like this I shake my head in disbelieve. She made more money writing one paragraph in any of the Harry Potter books than Gawker has posting rubbish articles.
anigif_enhanced-buzz-10176-1422989670-13I can just imagine the Gawker staff meeting: “We need new articles, You know how everyone kinda likes Harry Potter..what if we hated it?!? Print it!” Who is Sam Biddle?  And who the hell is he to tell anyone what to do with their life? A mediocre writer, writing for Gawker trying to get his name out there by trying to call out the author of the Harry Potter series. . Poorly done, Gawker. JKR can sit on her laurels for the rest of her life; she wrote the book series of the century.

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