About the Ashley Madison hack/leak

It amazes me how the liberal, progressive social justice warriors will turn 180 degrees on issues of privacy depending on whether they personally like whom is getting skewered on the other end of the leak/hack. As terrible as cheating is, having that be the reason for the hack is just as sickening. Vigilante hacktivism? The people behind this hack “appointed themselves as the moral judge, jury and executioner, seeing fit to impose a personal notion of virtue on all of society”. Two wrongs don’t make a right but it is sure going to make a lot of divorce lawyers rich in the coming months after the leak. You don’t often hear of widespread hacks of user information related to child porn or black market internet sites. I am also not comfortable with the moral vigilantism behind these hacks. Who gets to say what does and does not warrant exploitation and personal embarrassment?


And to the social justice warriors saying: “Cheaters are the worst! They deserve this! We have no idea what goes on in the lives of these people. Maybe there is family men/women on there who live a shitty life and can’t connect with their spouses anymore. But still want to be together for their kids, and rather than being yet another divorced couple. They decide that a rump on the side is what keeps them sane. Who the fuck are we to judge? For everyone who thinks this is some kind of justice, remember all the shitty things you do and how you’d feel if they got out. What kind of porn you watch, that thing you stole, that friend you talked shit about behind their backs This could ruin thousands of families, embarrass significant others, their children.

Ashly TwitterThe thing here is, whether you or I find the fact that they’re cheating on their spouse morally reprehensible, is none of our fucken business. People cheat. They cheat for a number of different reasons. You or the hackers are not the morality police. The hackers are literally doing something illegal, and you are applauding it and supporting them. Go to any dating site like Tinder, OKCupid etc, and you will find married people all over their sites, so should the hackers not start attacking these websites on a regular basis as well? Where do we draw the line? What subjectively immoral but legal behaviour should hackers target next? Members of a Fetish site? You employer knows now! What the hell is wrong with the world? Right is wrong, and wrong is right.

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