Anita Sarkeesian: Tropes vs Hypocrisy

So after recent E3 events where Anita Sarkleesian criticized Fallout 4 and Doomt 4 for for being hyper violent, it got me thinking. Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas didn’t actually require that much killing. Lots of situations and quests can be done without killing anyone or anything. Also she seemed to be ignoring the fact that 80% of the Fallout 4 video was talking about how you can build an entire fucken city! The weapon montage was just a tiny bit at the end. And it was nothing- in comparison to the massive building system they had just revealed two moments earlier.


Then there was the Doom 4 reveal.  Anyone who knows the Doom franchise knows it takes place in hell or a “hellish”place. And that basically means demons, monsters, zombie soldiers, horrors and a lot of violence. And it is compounded by the fact that you are a lone marine who is desperately trying to survive. I mean, could you even imagine Doom being anything but violent? So I guess that Anita Sarkleesian also hates games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor 2 as well?

sarkeesian-video-gamesThen I remembered her posing next to a big pile of games while bragging about the fact that she is such a massive gamer. So after 5 minutes of reverse image search I managed to find a big enough version. (Click on Image for larger version) Now zoom in a bit and take a closer look. And lo and behold, look what games she has “played” that contain the very thing is complained about in Fallout 4 and Doom 4, not to mention almost every single game in that pile goes against what she believes in and has been preaching to us since she started feminist frequency.

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2 Responses to Anita Sarkeesian: Tropes vs Hypocrisy

  1. Mark Laurent says:

    She will have to have owned and played the games to say whether or not they are “to violent” or she would be a hypocrite. I don’t believe that they are to violent but just putting that fact out there.

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