Just finished Witcher 3, what a brilliant game [Spoilers]

After spending more than a 100+ hours playing the game, the ending I got was perfect and gave me closure on a truly amazing franchise and game. In my play-through Ciri became the empress of Nilfgaard , Geralt and Triss finally settled down in faraway Kovir. Where Geralt would do the odd Wither contract while Triss became the mage adviser to the king of Kovir. Cerys ruled Skeillige with wisdom and enlightenment, and the island bound nation prospered. The Bloody Baron left with his wife and daughter looking for a mystical healer to find a cure for his wife’s madness. Keira Metz used the mage Alexanders notes to find a cure for the Catriona plague.

JiE9n1TAnd in the process fell in love with the Witcher Lambert. Whoreson Junior med his demise, at the end of my sword and his place was taken by the doppler Dudu. And finally Temeria was restored as a realm in liege with the emperor Emhyr var Emreis, who ruled the land with an iron fist. The ending left me happy and extremely content. I made my decisions in the game and stuck by them especially with the hard ones, and it paid off. The smile on my fucking face when watching the prologue was priceless, maybe my ending was a bit cliché with Geralt live happily ever after. But I still love it. Everything I did, all the choices I made culminated into what ending I got.

z3nuFPOI feel happy to put a game back in its case, and back on the shelf, fully satisfied, and leaving with many fond memories of my experience. I hope you guys enjoyed the game as much as I did. I did not want to leave the world of The Witcher 3,  I really wish it could go on forever, but I killed The Wild Hunt, avenged uncle Vesamir’s death, explored all the lands, suffered the consequences of some of my choices, and had some juvenile fun along the way. Bravo CDPR, you’ve crafted an amazing game and definitively a contender for game of the year for me. There are flaws and bugs yes, like any game, but this game shows how story and character can make or break a game. What a fucking ride.

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