Apparently The Witcher is a lie, sham and a terrible game

tumblr_nmri1pjxhS1qho2rco1_500Apparently The Witcher is a lie, sham and a terrible game because 9 pixels are different from what we have seen at last E3. It’s really sad that such an amazing game has had all this fucking negative noise around it, seriously the gaming community has become a joke. We should be celebrating the release of a phenomenal project, one of the best role playing games that has ever been made in recent history, and instead there’s this bullshit being driven by petulant, spoilt, whining gamer’s droning on and on and on about graphical fidelity. I don’t know how developers put up with us to be honest.

tumblr_nmri1pjxhS1qho2rco2_500You are playing a game that cost tens of millions of dollars, put together by hundreds of talented people who busted their asses every day to make it. And even when the game turns out to be good, and still all these “elitists” manage to do is piss and moan like a bunch of man children. Theses man children also now lash out at the console gamer’s blaming them for the downgrade in graphics for The Witcher. Maybe console gamer’s and consoles in general aren’t the problem here, maybe it is their obsession with graphics that is ruining their gaming experience. Maybe start discussing other parts of the game instead of making graphical comparisons and over obsessing about it. I would die a slow death if the only thing that mattered to me was a games graphical fidelity…

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  1. Prof.mcstevie says:

    I don’t think the difference is big enough to really change minds as much as people yell about it but it would be nice if there wasn’t a live gameplay trailer at E3 that was running at an optimistic setting.

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