rAge mascot gets updated after social media uproar

For once, just once, I would like to see the Social Justice Warriors actually fighting for something they believe in, instead of losing their shit over a fictional drawn character. And the irony of this shit storm, every single person who complained about said art work won’t even be attending rAge. Most people like myself attending rAge could not care less about the mascot, but like cowards NAG and rAge capitulated to a demographic that they don’t even cater to. Because they are concerned about the image they sent out to non-gamers, who for all practical reasons don’t care about us. They only really care when their little warped sense of reality implodes over a fictional character. Woman are strong enough to speak for themselves, they don’t need the SJW to speak for them.

ChangesWhat really should be insulting here is treating woman as though are tiny delicate flowers who are stupid and perpetually vulnerable. That is exactly the attitude of the Social Justice Warriors who would have complained about the original drawing. They are the misogynists. Not the gamers who support the art or the artist who did the drawing. If something makes you feel uncomfortable avoid it! Clearly then the advertisement or product is not aimed at you. For fuck sake, we have xenophobia, crime and poverty issues and people will moan and feel offended over a drawn fictional character. Seriously get a fucken priorities straight people. Isnt that what all this is about? Fighting over bullshit so they can dictate who gets to do what based on one or two peoples warped sense of reality?

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3 Responses to rAge mascot gets updated after social media uproar

  1. Prof.mcstevie says:

    Is that an attractive woman showing skin? BANNED.

  2. Dat nipple though…

  3. jako says:

    So its ok for Kim Kardashian to bear her ass to the internet and for Niki Minaj to twerk all over the place, but god forbid we have a fictional character showing skin its suddenly a problem.

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