rAge expo [Faux] mascot outrage

You know being South African and living on the ass end of the African continent has it’s drawbacks, we are behind when it comes to technology and the latest trends while dealing with load shedding and other social issues like xenophobia. But it also has it’s positives we haven’t had a case of Social Justice Warrior outbreaks till now. This is the new mascot for the 2015 rAge Expo in Johannesburg, for those who do not know rAge expo is one of the biggest videogame and technology expo’s on the African continent.  Created digitally for NAG magazine by Caroline Vos. The brief was to create Roxy with a classic retro space pinup feel. More of Caroline’s work can be found here.

94edd239106a6cccb1326ecbf92a88a7Seems the Social Justice brigade has now latched onto this image and believes that it is harmful, lacks diversity and is a step backward for the game industry. Really?!. Yeah because a fantasy representation of a woman affects how men treat woman in real life. And how woman view themselves, instead of raging at a piece of art work and the person who drew it. Rather go blame the media and beauty magazines for that particular problem, also you don’t get to use that fucken card when you were perfectly fine with the mascot they used in 2014:


I smell something and it smells like hypocrisy and idiocy as some of the sterling social media commentators and Social Justice Warriors came popping out of the woodwork:

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Read the comments, now look at Roxy from rAge 214 and compare her with Roxy from rAge 2015. Apparently no one dresses like a “space hooker” but it is common place to walk around with an alien gun and sword and flamingo pink hair and a body like an ironing board..





So 2014’s Roxy was totally acceptable but 2015’s is not? I just have no words to describe the logic and reasoning behind such an argument. I might just go find a busy road and run into oncoming traffic and put my hurting brain out of its misery. Art is subjective, it is like food not everyone is going to like the same food that you enjoy. This is an obvious homage to 1960’s Sci-Fi movies like Barberella:


In before: “What does a space girl have to do with a gaming and live style expo” Hello when last where you at rAge Expo?! rAge is no longer just about videogames anymore it encompasses everything that goes with the videogame culture. Comics, Anime, Manga just to mention a few which as gamer’s we either also read watch and follow or came into contract with when we started this hobby. But my family friendly Expo! Wait don’t they have games with adult ratings being displayed and being demo’d on the Expo floor? Should they by the same reasoning not then not be shown at rAge? I am smelling something again and it is definitely not something The Rock is cooking.

simpsons-angry-villagersEvery single person who is complaining about the new mascot is a goddamn hypocrite and should be ashamed of displaying it so proudly on social media. This country has far more serious issues that need to be discussed, but rather focus on those we focus on a drawn fantasy character a mascot for an event that is about videogames and escapism. The internet has become a breeding ground for people to be outraged for the sake of being outraged. Go take your internet slactivism into the real world and go make changes where it is really needed, instead of wasting your energy on a piece of art.

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