This is how you can tell that Kotaku isn’t a journalist site

KotakuSince when did articles like these become personal opinions in a head line? Completely unprofessional Kotaku and this person who wrote this should be ashamed to call themselves a writer. Whether he looks shitty or not that is for the readers to decide not the writer or the media. You are bloggers (like myself) not journalists. Your lack of professionalism is more than enough proof of this. This is how you can tell that Kotaku isn’t a journalist website.


Also have you guys notice how Kotaku seems to think everything is shitty, and act like their opinion is fact? AC Unity, Star Wars: Battlefront and now this? Yeah, this is the worst title/article I’ve ever read from Kotaku. Seriously! It seems like it’s just some angry fan writing rather than actual journalism. Kotaku really needs to learn how to be impartial with these kind of articles. Honestly, your posts looks like they were written by an angry 12 years old. Try to report the news without being assholes.

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