Movie theater etiquette [Rant]

So over the weekend I decided to treat the wife and my son to the Avengers: Age of Ultron on the big screen. Since I have money again after I started my new job I thought it would be nice if we go watch it on the big screen, since the last movie we watched on the big screen was Captain America: The Winter Soldier. While the movie was amazing and we enjoyed it the general experience was just terrible, all because people have forgotten what movie etiquette is. etiquitte-headerGrowing up when I watched movies my parent’s taught me to treat a movie theater like a church, you sit down and shut up watch and listen. But by all means trailers and in between times, talk a little, screw around with turning your electronics off, etc. I am a trailer talker myself. As a courtesy, I try to speak in a hushed tone, but I usually talk to the person I am with about the trailers. But once the trailers end and the actual movie starts everyone needs to treat the other moviegoers with respect. I had someone next to me giving step by step commentary to his friend throughout the entire movie. I don’t know if his friend was blind and he needed to describe the movie scene by scene, or maybe slightly retarded and did not understand what was going on in the movie. And in front of me I had someone Tweeting and Facebooking away on his Samsung Galaxy Tab. It may be nothing in a well-lit room, but inside a dark theater lighting up a screen is like shining a beacon to the entire audience behind and next to you. MuppetsTheaterNoiseYou may as well be shouting “Hey everybody, just thought I’d whip out my phone for a text!” to the entire theater. The way people treat the theater these days as some sort of uber-casual place where you just go to “hang out” pretty much disgusts me. And when you ask them to please stay quiet and put their phone away they have the audacity to look at you and treat you like you are the one in the wrong. People being inconsiderate has ruined my overall experience, and it will be one of the reasons I would not go to watch movies on the big screen anymore…

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