Black Widow faux rage hits the internet

This is fucking ridiculous. Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans calls a fictional character a slut and the media/feminists lose their minds. People want to be offended so they have a reason to bitch about something. Jokes can never be jokes. People can’t be real or human without someone having a fucking problem with it. Just want to point out, if you guys saw the actual interview, that the actual target of the joke was the guys themselves. They were making fun of the attitudes that men have when being rejected by a woman. The interviewer asked: “How did you feel about Black Widow choosing Bruce instead of you guys?” The tone and their body language had a sour grapes feel.

renner-evans-gifFind something important to complain about. Having said that feminists have no problems with Black Widow’s back-story until now because two men called her a slut? In all fairness it is a very accurate statement if you consider Black Widows history. Also this had to become “big” news before any feminist got mad over it? Are you kidding me?! “Feminists” want equality about as much as Hitler wanted to make friends with the Jews. This is all about these so called “feminist” and their own power trip to make themselves feel superior to everyone else and that’s all it is. If it wasn’t, they would be fighting for things more important to your cause but instead.

renner-evans-gif-2They would rather use their time on comics, video games, and movies instead of actual real world issues that woman face. It is equally amazing how society is easily controlled by the media these days. Can you imagine how different things would be without them? The media is constantly “offended” on our behalf these days, even if we did not know we were offended in the first place. But you can be damn sure the media will make sure that you are, don’t you worry. If you are offended enough to where you believe someone should apologize to a fictional character, you are much too easy to offend and need to look at your priorities.

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One Response to Black Widow faux rage hits the internet

  1. Azhar Lorgat says:

    Well said. It irritates me when the “offend bandwagon” rises and everyone becomes so humanitarian and in touch with their precious feelings, yet you talk to people in real life about it and they’ll just laugh or most likely not even know what it is you’re talking about.

    People need to fucking distinguish when something is OBVIOUSLY a joke and when something is actually not a joke, but a stab. The source and context of a joke, or anything for that matter, determines whether something is offensive, racist or whatnot. Not that I care much about people getting so offended by something, but I despise it when people make a fuss over something harmless like this when the source and context in every way point to an obvious, harmless joke.

    But I suppose if you dig hard and try hard enough you can spin a narrative around it as you wish and attract the bandwagoners like moths to a flame.

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