Apparently Iceman from the X-Men is now gay (For Now)

And this is what happens when you pander and add (change) a comic book character to appease the LGBT Community. Now don’t get me wrong I am all for lesbian and gay representation in videogames and comic books, but there is a right way and a wrong way of doing it. And this definitely counts as a wrong way of doing it. So now that it was revealed that Iceman is gay in the current run of the X-Men series, what happens to the past/future Iceman who is not gay? Did he “pray the gay away” I mean seriously? This is why you can’t just arbitrarily make character gay, especially not when they have a future.

tumblr_inline_nn4kavveeb1r54my5_540The proper way of doing it is by introducing a new character and making him gay or lesbian from the outset. Not have it “magically” happen to him while there are multiple iterations of said character across multiple time lines. I think it boils down to lazy writing changing an existing character this way. I just hate how the media feel obligated to add in a gay character just to be more politically correct. I support gay people but let’s not make sexual orientation a focal point unless it corresponds to the story.

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3 Responses to Apparently Iceman from the X-Men is now gay (For Now)

  1. A good resource for understanding how his past life might be dealt with are the hundreds of men and women each year who’ve been in a traditional marriage for years have had a few kids, only to finally acknowledge and accept their real sexuality and “magically” turn gay or lesbian later in their lives

    You should read the honeyimalesbian, she’s going through that now. It might give you some insight and help you not get so freaked out that a drawing in a comic book is gay.

    You do see the irony in getting all worked up because something a SUPERHERO In a COMIC BOOK isn’t realistic, right?

    • larch says:

      I have no problem with the culture & nor do I care for it. I’m tired of writers chasing established characters & making them gay just for the sake of being gay so the LGBT would accept them and the exposure would help sales. Why not introduce a new mutant like DC comics did in Teen Titans, & just make them gay so the new readers & old can RELATE to his problems as a child, & then others who are gay can relate to that aspect as well. That way you will be getting two readers at once. It’s just like making old characters a different color as well. There’s no need. Just introduce a new character with a great new unheard of backstory. Comics want to introduce diversity ? Good, just INTRODUCE them then, don’t go back & change old fan favorites just for a different audience because now you are just selling out for more sales.

      • Try thinking of it this way: If out of the your best friend friend said he was gay, would you tell him he shouldn’t be gay because he’s been acting straight for as long as you’ve known him?
        Unless his sexuality will affect his superpower, it shouldn’t really matter. But if he ends up being the Grand Marshall in the next big gay pride parade, that’s when you should be annoyed at the direction the story line is heading. :)

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