Frank Cho donates Spider-Gwen money to charity

“First and foremost, I want to thank all my fans and decent strangers who stood with me and supported me throughout the week. You guys and gals are the reasons why common sense will prevail over knee-jerk overreaction. There are things you need to be outraged about. There are things you need to rally against. There are things you need to call out and fight with all your might. But an unpublished drawing of a pretty fictional woman by an artist to show to his fans on his website is not one of them.”

check“The outcry over my drawing by the misguided few is nonsensical and simply stupid. It is an outcry over an imaginary slight, and an outcry of the desperate who want to make a name for themselves in the industry. It was fascinating, amusing and appalling to see the overzealous critics of my art use faux outrage to air their personal demons and imagined injustices in the world. I can’t stress enough what utter nonsense and a waste of energy this whole event has been.”


“There are many real problems that deserve the attention and effort this make-believe scandal has unfairly received, problems I want to help fix. I’m going to use the publicity generated by this Spider-Gwen drawing and create something positive out of it by showcasing one of the more deserving charities – House of Ruth, a charity that helps battered women and broken families find safe haven in this world of threats and violence. I am donating the money generated by my Spider-Gwen drawing to House of Ruth, a real charity that deals with and solves real problems.”

Can we have a standing ovation and a slow clap for Frank Cho please?

644It really is refreshing to see an artist that does not bend over backwards to accommodate the misguided overzealous few who think they have any artistic merit to demand comic book artist change the way they draw their characters. And donating the proceeds he made off selling said art work show you Frank can clearly put his money where his mouth is. Which says a lot more than what the Social Justice Warriors are doing with their time. The original post can be found here. And for more information and if you would like to help, go visit House of Ruth’s website.

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  1. Ninjatsu says:

    Not sure what this was all about, but as soon as I saw the Spider-Gwen pic I remember another pic I had seen a few months ago, plagiarism? :×853.0.jpg

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