The Mary Sue: Fear mongering journalism at it’s best

So apparently the questions the Honey Badger Radio asked at the Calgary Expo was interesting, engaging, and weren’t violent or threatening at all. Yet they were all labeled and seen as harassers? For what? Making the panelists feel disappointed that their audience didn’t just listen & believe whatever they where saying? I am pretty sure everything looks like harassment to the entitled Social Justice Warriors. Oh and of course no reaching out to the badgers to get their side of the story. And The Mary Sue can’t even claim they don’t know who they are, since the writer quoted one of them in the article. Grade-A journalism here, makes me feel so informed.

Seriously this is all they did to get kicked?

Honey Badger Radio were questioning the narrative, one of the worst crimes you can commit in the eyes of Social Justice Warriors. Their usual fallback in these kind of situations they cannot control is shut down the discussion, by either blocking the person on social media or like in this case to remove them physically. People generate and make up things to paint the people they’re arguing with as crazy and over the top. It’s called straw manning. I’ve been witness to a barrage of it over these months and any nay saying on the part of the Social Justice Warriors will not convince me otherwise. Do enough straw manning within your own circle and you start to develop wildly distorted views of the people not within that circle.

CC1zqWVUsAE9QoHHow did the Mary Sue author get the quotes from someone who participated at the expo, that incriminates the Honey Badger Brigade so quickly within an hour of their booth being noticed? No sources or names were attributed in the article, so they somehow had to identify these panelists, find time to contact them, get their quote and write up their article in 60 minutes. The timing around all this is very suspect. It’s almost like they had the article ready to go before the complaints were even filed. I am so fucking sick of these people. Apparently if you ask questions you need to sit down and shut up, I didn’t grow up, go to school, and get a job in IT only to be told that “your opinion is wrong so you need to leave”.

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