Anita Sarkeesian makes time’s 100 most influential people

uk0m0fUOkay read the topic and let it sink in for a moment: “Anita Sarkeesian makes time’s 100 most influential people” She shares the same list with Martin Blaser, a microbiologist who is on a war against the overuse of antibiotics, and Tom Catena, who runs a hospital in Sudan where he treats as many people as he can get his hands on, despite the wars going on around him. As a scientist and author, Dr. Martin Blaser is an incredibly important voice on the consequences of our rampant overuse of antibiotics. Right now, 80% of antibiotics sold in the world is mostly used on healthy animals in factory farms. Over time, this has caused routine bacteria to mutate into un-treatable super bugs, putting human lives at risk. And Anita Sarkeesian is listed right under him…think about it for moment.

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