So I finally bought a next gen console

So for those of you who don’t know yet I decided to join “The Darkside” a few weeks back and so far I am thoroughly enjoying what it has to offer me. Still currently playing through The Last of Us Remastered, after that I have Killzone: Shadowfall and Infamous: First Light to playthrough. Not to mention I have my copy of Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt still on pre-order. I am planning on playing through all of the PS4 exclusives first before playing any other games on the console. So if you are a regular reader and own a PS4 add me.


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6 Responses to So I finally bought a next gen console

  1. larch says:

    Being obtuse now are we, or are you going to name and shame me on your blog like you seem to be doing with other people? Is that like your “thing”? I think you are just jealous because you aren’t a special little snow flake like the rest of us. We can always hold a pity party for you? ;)

  2. rainawareness says:

    Good for you, thanks for letting me know, I was awaiting eagerly

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